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Powder Coating Equipment Machine Packages Powder Coating Gun Machine Systems & Packages
Powder Coating Machines KCI Powder coating Machine
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Looking for Powder Coating Equipment Machine Packages Powder Coating Gun Machine Systems & Packages?

Forget about those second hand-used machines and equipment on Craigslist, and see the latest commercial gun systems for sale from KCI. From one man shops to plants and manufacturers KCI has the right equipment & machine for you at the right price. Check out the video now and be sure to visit us at
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Powder Coating Business for Sale
Powder Coating Business to Buy
Looking for a powder coating business for sale? DON’T buy someone else’s problem or broken dream, start your own powder coating business instead. Not sure how? See link below for a great resource for buying or opening a powder coating business.

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Open a Powder Coating Business
Opening/Starting a Powder Coating Business
Before asking yourself how or if you should start a powder coating business it might be wise to ask yourself this question first is powder coating a good business to be in?
At any given time to see over 100 different powder coating businesses for sale online which may make you wonder if the powder coating business profitable and are there other coating business opportunities in your area?
Well the great thing about the powder coating business is that there is always opportunity for those with the drive and desire to succeed coupled with a strong product coating business plan.
Starting, opening, launching, open a coating shop whether it be a traditional brick-and-mortar operations or a modern mobile powder coating business is a serious undertaking.
The best way to control your startup costs and jumpstart your success is to study the success habits of other proven successful and profitable powder coaters.
That’s why we put together this comprehensive 39 page book on how to start a powder coating business. Its jam packed with tips and techniques to kick start the launch of your powder coating shop. You can learn more about it by clicking on this link now.
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Wagner Powder Coating Gun for Sale
Wagner powder coating guns for sale- Wagner powder coat gun for sale online

Ready to buy a new or used Wagner powder coating gun? Looking for the best Wagner powdercoat gun deal online? Then do yourself a favor and check out the KCI powder coating guns first.
KCI guns have the all same features and the same quality construction as Wagner machines do but they’re much cheaper and have 2x the warranty. Check them out here right now.
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Wood Finish Powder Coating Machine
Wood Finishing Powder Coating Machine

Looking for great machine to powder coat wood finishes with? then check out this link for more details.

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Used Powder Coating Gun for Sale
Used Powder coating gun for sale- Used powder coating gun
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Looking for a used powder coating gun for sale?
Why buy a used gun or someone else’s problem when you can own a brand new KCI powder coating gun for the same price or less?
KCI guns are new powder coating guns at or about the same price as used powder coating guns for sale. They have a 5 year warranty and shipping to your business is free.
So do yourself a favor and take a moment to learn more about them by clicking on the link in the description area below.
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Steps To Kick-Start And Grow A Powder Coating Business

Steps To Kick-Start And Grow A Powder Coating Business

If you intend to open a business today and have a guarantee that you will still be in business in the decades to come, then you can’t go wrong by starting a powder coating business. Research shows that the powder coating industry is worth over $8.6 billion on a global scale with impressive positive growth projections in the decades to come as the demand for this particular service continues to grow in industries such as the automotive and construction industries with a notable interest in other substantial industrial operations. However, like any other business, going into this business demands that you take several steps that will see to it that you understand the business, have a proper plan on how you will organize your business to penetrate the market and a strategy for managing future growth.
Start a Powder Coating Business Book

Do Some Intense Research

The backbone of any business is information, and the only way to get this information is through intense research. Doing adequate research will help you understand the type of licenses you need for your business to operate legally in your locality so that you don’t run into trouble with authorities once you commence operations. Additionally, it will give you an outlook of all the startup costs that you will have to incur for you to set up the powder coating business and run it for some time before you start making profits. Also, no business can ever be successful if it doesn’t meet its customer’s needs and nothing can help you understand your customers better than by researching their needs and comparing them with the existing industry trends to be able to design great services. So before you do anything else, spare some time and understand the business through research.

Organize Your Ideas Through A Business Plan

Obviously, from your research, you will end up with a lot of information with some being useful and some of it not so much. So you need to sit down and digest this information through a thorough business planning process. For this purpose, a business plan will help you organize your thoughts and compile, into a single document, all the ideas you believe will be successful while starting a powder coating business. During planning, you get to settle on your business’ name, then pick the right legal form for your business and file the necessary papers needed. Earlier, research helped you to identify your customers, in the business plan you get to define them right from their demographic, location down to their unique preferences and how to price your products competitively to attract them. Finally, since now you are knowledgeable about the finances needed, you can tailor this understanding to work out financial projections specific to the size of the operation you intend to open and subsequently narrow down to who you will need to approach for finances to kick start your business.

Startup Powder Coating Business Book

Do Some Intense Research
Setting Up Your Shop

So what is the next step after researching and doing intense business planning? Yes, you guessed it right, it is to launch the business. And before doing this ensure you are operating in an authorized facility, stocked with the right equipment. For this reason, prior identification of an optimal location as allowed by the authorities and then obtaining the requisite licenses for operating in this facility is essential. The place you choose to locate your business should be somewhere close to where your customers are usually found or where they can find you. Therefore, if you, for instance, choose to target the automotive industry, ensure you are in a neighborhood where mechanic workshops are in plenty. When it comes to equipment there are basic things that you cannot operate without in your powder coating business; these include a powder coating spray booth with proper ventilation and exhaust ducts, spray guns, curing oven. In addition to these, you need supplies like a range of powder coating pigments, the material you need to blend them for a quality finish and quality cleaning solvents. Of course, this list is not exhaustive.

Create A Sales Strategy

Powder coating business marketing ideas book
Even though the powder coating market is huge, the competition from those who offer this service is very stiff, and so right from the onset, you need to stand out to your potential customers. To achieve this, you need to create a sales strategy that will help you penetrate the market and establish a quick following. A good sales strategy should approach sales from the point of building relationships so as to generate repeat business and inspire your existing customers to refer you to other clients that are in need of similar services. You can do this by over delivering on your services or offering your customers generous discounts for repeat business. Since you will just be starting out, ensure that your clients know that you exist, understand the services you offer and precisely where they can find you through a well-designed sales and marketing strategy.

Seek To Grow Your Business Eventually

As the demand for your powder coating service increases, the growth of your business will be inevitable, so put in measures to prepare you for it. When this time comes you have to not only manage this growth but also innovate and channel it in the right direction. Managing your growth has to start with ensuring you cement the loyalty of your existing customers as new ones come in. Therefore, make it a priority to sustain the consistency of the quality of your services as demand rises. You achieve this by properly staffing your operation with talented and properly trained employees so that every existing and incoming customer is given adequate attention. Innovation is also vital to jump start successful growth. Study the trends in the powder coating industry and find out ways you can do things differently to increase your efficiency to the benefit of your customers. Channeling this growth in the right direction means making the right investments to solidify your current positioning or the one you intend to assume in future, especially when scaling your business in height and width. Do you need to take up many customers at a small fee or just a few who pay higher prices?

It is important to warn you though that no business ever comes without challenges and starting a powder coating business is no exception. But if you do your research well, develop a good plan around that and have a clear strategy on measures to use to win customers then you will sail through every challenge and achieve some growth. If you are convinced this is the business for you, then these steps should be a good starting point. What are you waiting for?