Top 5 Powder Coating Guns Reviewed Best Powder Coating Gun for 2016


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Powder Coating Machine/Powder Coating Machines for Sale
Powder Coating Machine
This video is explains the three main advantages to KCI brand powder coating machines also known as powder coating guns or systems. Powder coating machines are used commercially to apply paint in the form of dry powder to metal, plastic and wood. Powder coat paint is different from wet paint applications in that it does not contain any harmful solvents and is more environmentally friendly.

The powder is applied electrostatically meaning that the powder coating machine positively charges the powder with electricity and shoots them towards the object to be painted which is negatively grounded.

This attracts the powder directly to the work piece and minimizes over-spray and waste. The electrostatic charge in the powder creates a bond between the powder and work piece surface. The work piece is then cured in an oven to permanently bond the powder to the piece and create a durable long-lasting finish.
KCI powder coating machines have 3 built in advantages over or comparable machines sold.
First, they cost up to 40% less the other leading brands of powder coating machines, Second, they ship pre-assembled by freight for free, saving the customer hundreds of dollars, and third it’s the only gun with a no wait warranty. This is important because it minimizes the down time a shop has if their powder coating machine brakes down.
KCI powder coating machines are available in both manual and automatic configuration and can be seen at
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Powder Coating Machine System
Powder Coating Machine System- KCI Powder Coating Machine System Video about the best powder coating system for sale either new or used and how it’s different than the other powder coating systems out there like Wagner and Nordson. You can learn more about all three brand name systems here how they work are used, their pricing, warranties and more.

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The 5 Top/Best Powder Coating Machines Reviewed Best Powder Coating Machine for 2016
Best Powder Coating Machine
This is the first of 5 videos for the 5 Top/Best Powder Coating Machine Reviewed Best Powder Coating Machine for 2016. I put links to each of The 5 Top/Best Powder Coating Machine Reviewed.
in the description so you can check out the other reviews. This first one is the most popular bestseller.

KCI powder coating gun
Other powder coating machines
Eastwood Dual Voltage HotCoat Powder Coat Coating Gun
Chicago Portable Powder Coating System 10-30 PSI with Powder Coating Gun, Foot Switch, Power Source, Inline Filter and Two Powder Cups
Hyper Smooth 02 LED Electrostatic Powder Coating System
Kool Koat 1.0 LED Electrostatic Powder Coating System

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KCI Powder Coat Guns
KCI powder coating guns
and how they compare to Gema, Nordson, and Wagner guns.KCI guns have been causing a stir ever since they hit the streets in back in 1980’s. They were the brainchild of a powder coating factory owner who found himself in a constant battle to keep his guns online and production running.

After months of repeated failures and days of downtime he had enough and went looking for a different solution. When he couldn’t find one he decided to design his own.

Some say he did it all on his own, others say that he stole a Design Engineer away from one of the other big gun makers to build it for him. Either way, his new design was quickly finished and immediately put to work in his factories.

As word of his success spread to other manufacturers in his field, companies began seeking his gun system for themselves and very quickly his gun sales grew to the point where he decided to formally launch KCI as a separate company.

Throughout the 80’s and early 90’s KCI began to capture huge market shares in countries all across Europe and Asia capturing as much as 70% market share in some countries and quickly became a serious threat to the other brand names in the business.

In fact at one point one of them tried to buy them out, but the owner declined and KCI has been growing and gaining market share steadily ever since.

In 2008, KCI came to the United States and set up operations in Illinois. While not quite as well known here yet as GEMA or Nordson, powder coaters all across the country are recognizing the value and savings of KCI guns in record numbers and saving thousands.

No problem. Just give us call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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Powder Coating Gun Reviews
Powder Coating Gun Review…

Powder coating gun review of the 4 top selling brands of powder coating guns, machines, and systems. Includes side by side comparison of gun features, quality, price, shipping cost, and warranties.

Click on this link to see the winner;…

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